Short-Term And Long-Term Standard Parking

The cost for car parking at Northwest Florida Beach International Airport ranges from $1 for 21 to 30 minutes. The first 20 minutes are free. The cost for 31–40 min­utes is an addi­tion­al $1.00. Every addi­tion­al 20 min­utes is an addi­tion­al $1.00, summing up to $3.00/hour.

Cov­ered stan­dard stopping

The covered parking is a little bit more expensive than short-term parking. Prices for covered parking cost $4.00/hour.

Max­i­mum dai­ly cost for the long-term lot is $9, the short-term lot cost $11, and the maximum daily cost for the covered parking is $13.

For your con­ve­nience all park­ing facil­i­ties acknowledge money, check, Visa, Mas­ter­Card, Dis­cov­er, and Amer­i­can Express. Curb­side park­ing at the ter­mi­nal is lim­it­ed to load­ing and unload­ing as it were. For requests, con­tact Repub­lic Park­ing, (850) 636‑8971.

Parking Rewards

Much appreciated Again parking rewards. The ECP Trav­el­er Rewards Pro­gram empower air­port pas­sen­gers to acquire one air­line mile for every dol­lar spent while park­ing at ECP.